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The breezy bike ride back from Bikram yoga, from Williamsburg to Greenpoint along Kent Ave, was the climax of my summer. I’m in the best shape of my life. Spicy tuna roll.

I like this Drew Barrymore directed video for Best Coast’s “Our Deal”

The Shoes - Crack My Bones: best sounding pop album of the year? I’m still in love with this song. The video is cool, too. Possibly shot on 16mm?

Pirates and Braves tied at 3 in the bottom of the 18th inning. Longest game in franchise history.

Go download the new APEX + Czientist Sound Travel album! It’s crispy. Among the many bangers is a track with Roscoe Wiki that is crazy. Also, catch me on track 5 - “Fine Print.”

Jails. Institutions. And DEATH. Amy Winehouse

If I wasn’t with a client right now I’d probably be losing my shit. What a wake up call. It’s a fatal and progressive illness - alcoholism and drug addiction. Amy Winehouse was not a bad woman trying to get good. She was a sick woman who needed to get well. Fuck, this sucks.

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

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We were at the Grey Dog sandwich shop in the village. Over a tuna melt and kettle fries I felt like I was meeting the spirit of an old time movie starlet from some classic film that I had never seen. She could have been a muse to Waylon Jennings or a bartender way out of Charles Bukowski’s league. She wasn’t posing though - all brand new, no plaid out vintage store pungence. We were around a bunch of other loud grey personalities and yet our small talk seemed private and bright. She gave me her myspace url and email (not quite the digits) and I listened to her stuff which was produced by David Kahne. I didn’t realize until later that he had shaped the sound of Sublime. Her work with Kahne is so good that you almost can’t listen with other people. I was riding with my pops and her stuff came on the car stereo. Two grown men on the Penny turnpike were nearly reduced to tears and 6th grade stiffies. Her voice is a “strange fruit,” just as broad and effortlessly stylized as Billy Holiday’s and seductive like Marilyn Monroe singing to JFK. “Kill Kill, ” the Al-Anon theme song, is oscar worthy - it’s that cinematic. “Yao Yao” is tragic. I wasn’t to forward rough demos to anyone but emails with her songs attached are like heroine and gossip rolled into three minutes bursts. Then came “Mountain Dew,” which lacks Kahne’s lush and bluesy arrangement. But the hook cuts even deeper against a stronger beat. With lyrics like “lets take jesus off the dashboard too much on his mind/ we both know just what we’re here for saved to many times” I can’t be the only one who feels she runs deeper than Ellie Goulding and will last longer than that blend of MDMA and Rickie Lee Jones. I love horses don’t get me wrong.

AZ - City of Gods remix off the Gwapes EP.

Music video for Pittsburgh’s own 1,2,3. I wonder why I haven’t heard one person from the burgh talking about this band! Check out their song “riding coach.” These guys are damn good live and their studio stuff is killer.

Twin Sister - “Bad Street.” Something like a blend of Morcheeba and the Talking Heads. Instantly lovable. Sly and bubbly.

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